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 Friendly Reminder

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PostSubject: Friendly Reminder   Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:47 am

Just a heads up to everyone, from July 30th to Aug 3rd myself and Crypt will not be able to be online due to moving. While we're gone please try to keep up with the lvling you guys are all doing awesome and try to keep on the Legion quests. I apologize for leaving so early after everyone just got in the Legion sadly moving will do that to a person lol. Please direct any questions or concerns to Sarg while we're gone, I'm sure Cerebus will be more than happy to assist as well.

Thank you all for doing such a great job Smile

If I'm desperately needed I'll have my blackberry so email me on here and I can check it via that.

See you all on the 3rd : )
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PostSubject: If not on... / Best wishes guys   Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:13 pm

Just so peeps Know If U see me online I do leave it logged 24 /7 so if it is a real important question or what not pls send me a game mail so I'll see it.

Dont hesitate to ask me if ur haveing a problem but remember ur fellow "Familia" are there too.

[b]GL on the move Kah and Crypt best to u and may it go smoothly as the fates allow.[/b] Smile
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Friendly Reminder
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